James Woods welcomed his friend Avner to America as a new legal citizen; it sounds like James even helped Avner with studying history and civics, and he aced his examination!

Welcome INDEED, Avner.

America is made stronger by LEGAL immigrants, by people just like you.

Whoohoo! We love these stories.

So awesome.



But it works.

This is all Conservatives are asking, come here legally. That’s it. We don’t care what color, sex, creed, or ability you are, we welcome LEGAL immigrants to this amazing and exceptional country because as even the Left admits, it is our diversity within Americans that makes us unlike any other country in this world.

That’s the whole POINT. Give us your tired, but give them to us legally.

Sadly, some on the Left had to screech at James over this wonderful tweet:

Alrighty then.

Who cares?

Now, to be fair, we expected far more screeching Lefties on this thread than there are … most of the people responding are just so happy and grateful for Avner.

So we’ll say it again … Welcome to America, Avner!


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