Once again a Leftist who can’t deal with the fact that Hillary lost fair and square, no matter how much she and the DNC cheated (poor Bernie!), is trying to pretend the popular vote matters. At all.

Seems Topher Spiro couldn’t deal with the map the New York Times shared that shows how badly Trump whooped Hillary so he shared this map that focuses on population density within the small number of counties she did win.

Because you know, if there aren’t a bunch of people in one county that county doesn’t matter or something:

Seeing stupid tweets like this we are immediately grateful for the Electoral College. If Topher and people like him had their way, the coasts would rule this country …

It’s sooo much better, lol.

Really all it shows is that yes, Trump had more support throughout the country AND that Hillary should run for governor in California.

Hey, they can have her.

In other words, NYT should have used a map that didn’t upset Topher so much.


Oh, and if you thought Topher’s tweet was pathetic, check out the comments:

These people really believe this.

They tried that, punkin, and it went off the air so quickly no one even noticed.

The GOP dominated enough to win the election.

Womp womp.


This is why they lost and why they’ll keep losing.


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