Last week, Anne Hathaway blamed all white people for the actions of one white man (monster) who stabbed a young black woman to death in Oakland. She also made a pretty hefty statement about how black Americans fear for their lives every day; to be honest, she just came across as extremely condescending and incredibly melodramatic.

Hollywood, right?

Cholé S. Valdary, a speaker, thinker and writer for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Atlantic tweeted this in response:

Now, THIS is empowerment.

And wow, “white savior complex” sums up so much of what we see from the Left when it comes to any and all race issue.

We love this.

So much.


Anne’s rhetoric was about HER and making herself feel better. It wasn’t actually about doing anything to help with the violence black Americans do face, and Chloe called her out perfectly.

Cringeworthy and infuriating.

So much truth in one tweet.

What Anne really did was vocalize the soft bigotry of low expectations.

And we doubt she even realizes it.


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