Jake Tapper apparently felt like being all deep and thoughtful on Saturday afternoon and went out of his way to subtweet and scold others about how they debate. We’re not entirely sure if he was subtweeting Trump or just people in general who disagree with him (and CNN) …

Huh. ‘But don’t expect anyone worthwhile to have an ounce of respect for you.’


The irony of this tweet coming from ANYONE at CNN is likely lost on Jake.

Yeah, right.


But he also left out the part where most people don’t care if he or anyone else in the media “respects” them or not. The EGOS of these people thinking they can tell others what to do to earn respect or how to argue when he and so many others are so blatantly doing the very things he tells others not to do.

Spare us.

Joy Reid.

Brian Stelter.

Jim Acosta.

Katy Tur.

Ron Perlman.

Tom Arnold.

We’ll be here all day if we go through the so-called journos and Lefties who do all of this and much, much more.



Would also seem the outlet has lost a good deal of respect, just putting that out there.



Oh yeah, that.

We’re guessing this did not go the way Jake hoped it would.

Or maybe he knew most people would be irritated with the scold and he just wanted some attention because it’s TWITTER.


And not Jake from State Farm.

Leave it to Jesse Kelly to give us the perfect tweet to end this piece.


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