Joy Behar apparently thinks she’s some great expert on socialism.

In fact, she claimed Denmark is a socialist country … and well … it’s actually the least socialistic of all the Nordic countries and may, in fact, be classified more as a market economy. Of course, Bernie Sanders (who we all know Joy has some strange crush on) has been pushing Denmark as this great socialist utopia but no.

Dan Bongino seems to find this as funny as we do …

From the Washington Examiner:

First off, Denmark is a poor example for Behar to use. Like Norway, Denmark is highly reliant on oil wealth to afford its bloated welfare system, but it’s also a standout from the other Scandinavian nations in that its economy is relatively low-regulation. That’s hardly the characteristic of a socialist economy.

Second, beyond Ikea, how many great engineering products or new medicines come from Scandinavia? I ask this question because socialists’ primary contention is that their system provides for maximal human interests. Yet without the new innovations that allow us to enjoy better, longer lives alongside our families and boost our economies (which improves lives), where would we be?

*sad trombone Joy*

Dan went on to destroy Joy on NRATV.


We’re surprised she didn’t go on some rant about how the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.


Joy Behar has been dumbing Americans down for far too long. Good point.

We’d actually buy a ticket to see this.



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