As Twitchy reported earlier, Twitter is doing some damage control around the week’s earlier findings and reporting on prominent Conservative voices being ‘shadow banned’ on the social media giant’s platform. And as you can probably guess, they claimed they weren’t shadow banning anyone …

Well, not really.

Just kinda sorta.

If someone ISN’T shadow banned they show up in the main feed, which is where you get the majority of traffic. They literally described shadow banning by claiming that’s all they’re doing.


Jack responded:

So they decide whose tweets are more relevant.


Wanna guess whose tweets are less relevant?

What he said.

This is lousy user experience, Twitter.


So they can determine what is and isn’t relevant to their users.

Convenient, eh?


Besides, Twitter engineers long ago admitted they were doing this on purpose.

Nice try though, Jack.

Oh, and FYI:

Get it together, dude.


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