Socialists just don’t get it.

They talk a good game about so much free stuff for EVERYONE, and lollipops, unicorns, and rainbows but they never admit how much it will cost us (all of us) to have these so-called free things. Which is why so many people on the Right (and even within the Democratic party itself) have taken issue with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ridiculous platform.

A platform, of course, that Media Matters absolutely loves:

Yeah, we’re in an all-out frenzy because we know what socialism does to a country.

See Venezuela.

We don’t live in other countries, Alexandria, so we don’t care. What’s spooky is how easily so many people are fooled by the snake oil you’re selling.

Wait until they get the bill.

Imagine giving over half of what you make to the government …

Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves, folks.

Everyone pays.

Socialism seeks to make us all equally poor and miserable while the government rules.

And people support this crap?

A little more complicated?

Not to mention we understand basic math.

Socialism doesn’t work.

We should start a GoFundMe … right?

Oh yeah, it sucks.

Better yet let’s just move far, far away from single payer in this country, deal?

And ultimately that’s what it boils down to here in America, freedom.

In this country, you are empowered to make as much as or as little as you are willing to work for. In countries where they tax you over half of what you make, the government tells you how much is enough and what you need …

No thanks.


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