Two weeks ago, CNN wrote an article that stated the only way the Democrats could possibly derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation to SCOTUS would be to somehow ‘turn the public’ against him. Now we see this ‘magical poll’ story from The Hill claiming that ‘more’ Americans are saying his nomination should be rejected and of course our buddy Kamala Harris couldn’t wait to share it.

‘Defeat his nomination.’


Barely two days ago, from The Hill:

Democrats are struggling to find an opening in their fight to sink Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

They can’t block the nominee on their own, but they’re under intense pressure from liberals to wage a full-scale attack against Kavanaugh as they try to sway the one or two Republicans needed to sink President Trump’s pick and score a major victory heading into the midterm elections.

*sad trombone*

Maybe she should have read the whole poll article instead of just sharing it because she liked the headline. Oh, and speaking of headlines it says they are SPLIT, not that ‘more’ Americans don’t want him.


Sounds legit.

We’re pretty sure that’s a requirement to be an elected official in California these days.


You should see the people losing their minds on this thread, and hey, we’ll save you the click!

Screech screech screech!

Actually, this poll doesn’t show that at all.

None of these folks ever read past the headline.

We can’t even.

Seriously, WTF The Hill? Your tweet has very little to do with the actual article or the poll that illustrates the people are split, as with most things right now. And Kamala couldn’t wait to use it to push her agenda.

They seem scared, don’t they?


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