Facebook’s stock FELL like a rock tied to another rock tied to an anvil dumped into the ocean on Thursday and there seemed to be little if any sympathy for the social media giant and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

They’ve really been sucking a lot lately, right? This is what happens when you knowingly use your own bias to police your platform; pay attention, Twitter.

The Onion wasted NOT time in taking a swing at Zuckerberg:


From The Onion:

… Oh wait, there’s no story. The picture and the ‘headline’ say it all really.

HAAAA. We love this.

Where else would we get inundated with nonsense about when we started being friends with other people who ignore Facebook as much as we do these days?

Resistance is futile.

Huh? How on Earth did this person make the jump from Facebook to socialized healthcare?

Wait, strike that.

Socialists. *eye roll*

Poor Mark.


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