Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to think the ‘key’ to her winning in a New York primary was being young and stupid.

Well, she said naive but it’s all really the same thing … or maybe she is saying being young and stupid didn’t stop New Yorkers from voting for her.

Yeah, we still don’t know (or really care) who Abdul El-Sayed is, and not to be totally snotty but packing 1000 people into a high school auditorium in Michigan is not a big deal. Especially if you’re of the Leftist or Socialist persuasion.

Because nothing packs Democrats in the seats like promising them a bunch of free stuff you’re not sure how you’ll pay for.

Not exactly a red state, Alexandria.

“No one saw it coming” – donkeys being eaten in Venezuela

She has yet to really explain how they plan to pay for everything but we all know her plan is to steal from the people who actually earn a living and give it to people who do not. Socialism is theft of the highest order and its only goal is to make us all equally poor and miserable.

What he said.


Tweet with feeling!


But they’re knocking on doors and stuff! YOUNG AND STUPID!

We almost feel sorry for the Democrats these days … almost.


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