Sharyl Attkisson noticed what a good many of us have been noticing for the past few months …

Whatever happened to “unmasking” the Obama administration, especially in regard to their spying on Americans?

Sharyl wrote an exceptional piece on this topic:

From The Hill:

Could it help explain my own case in which government spy software was found on my work and personal devices?

Hypothetically, if bad actors abused their authority, might they be so anti-Trump partly because a wildcard Trump administration could be expected to unearth what they’d been doing all these years?

Last October, Amb. Power reportedly told congressional investigators that many of the hundreds of “unmasking” requests in her name in 2016 were not made by her. If true, it implies something equally problematic, or worse: Someone else in the government used her name to unmask Americans.

But we just might be too busy chasing the pretty colors flashing before us every day. They might be keeping us from taking a good hard look at a very serious matter.

Officials involved in unmaskings insist they did nothing improper, that their motivations were to protect the nation. They say they did not act for political reasons, or to spy.

If they did, people could go to prison. Theoretically.

Read the full story here.

Sounds kinda sorta suspicious to us, just sayin’.


As citizens, we hear so much noise about corruption it’s hard to tell what is real and what is not.

Scandal-free presidency and stuff, right?


Oh yeah, that’s what happened.


Sharyl also warned of third parties manipulating information based on what they think is for our own good.

There is something going on here folks, and none of it’s any good.


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