If you’re tired of harpies insisting that killing an unborn baby is a “reproductive right,” raise your hand.


There is no such thing as “women’s reproductive rights,” it’s just another catchy phrase the Left came up with so they wouldn’t have to admit they’re promoting the slaughter of the innocent unborn, aka ABORTION.

Pretending it’s a woman’s RIGHT that is being threatened is a far easier thing to “fight for” than admitting you’re enabling women to make bad choices and punish the unborn for said choices.

Like this crap National NOW shared from the ACLU on Kavanaugh:

From the ACLU:

Judge Kavanaugh, for his part, issued his own vigorous dissent from the full court’s opinion, saying the court had “badly erred in this case,” by relying on “a constitutional principle as novel as it is wrong.” He argued that the government should be given time to place Jane with a sponsor so she could be with a family member, notwithstanding the fact that it takes weeks or months to locate a suitable sponsor, that she had already made her decision, that she had obtained a court order allowing her to consent to the abortion on her own, and that she had a court-appointed guardian looking out for her best interests.

In other words, Kavanaugh said it wasn’t Constitutional.

Because, you know, that’s his job to figure out what is and isn’t Constitutional. And that’s why they want him stopped?


Oh, feminists, you should really smile more.

James Woods seems as irritated as we are:

It’s the opposite of reproduction, yup.

Exactly. They think calling abortion something else somehow makes it less horrible.

And they’re wrong.


But true.



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