Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might want to read up on what religious freedom really is and while she’s at it, take a look at Trump’s “travel ban” that was based on countries suggested by the Obama administration.

Then again, she might be too busy pushing socialism on stupid millennials to actually do any real research or talk about something worthwhile.

Huh? Did Alexandria really say, “Where the expansion of one’s rights must come at the cost of another’s”?

She literally just described socialism.


With all due respect … we like that.

They always seem to forget plenty of Muslims from other countries can and do travel to America. This ‘ban’ is about countries that foster terrorism and keep shoddy records of the people who live there.

That’s it.

It’s because she doesn’t believe it’s real.

Laughable at best.

And wow, if you thought Alexandria was dense, you should see the charmers on this thread:

These people love their ‘separation of church and state’. If only they knew where it really came from and what it really means.

Well, it is a real thing, but it’s not in the Constitution.

Always the victim.

No wonder socialism appeals to these folks.

And no, Sessions didn’t say anything about Christianity.


Socialists, right?


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