Hillary Clinton has made it where anyone on Twitter can message her.

She probably thought this would somehow paint her as more approachable and HUMAN but ultimately all it has done is lead to a very funny hashtag, #DMsToHillary. Which incidentally should be but isn’t trending.

Thanks for that, Jack.

Here are some of the funniest DMs to the woman who couldn’t beat the most unpopular GOP candidate in history:

Dear Hillary? ROFL



Ugh, stop with the Bigfoot thing! Nightmares man.

Careful, she’ll swallow your soul.


Oh man.


Interestingly enough, when we go through the tag it just sort of dwindles off and we get the Twitter logo of doom saying “back to the top”, as if those tweets somehow don’t exist.

Which is probably why this isn’t trending. *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Guess it’s not a healthy conversation, according to Jack.

But it’s still pretty damn funny.


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