Cenk Uygur went on some bizarre rant about Tucker Carlson not approving of adult film stars. This is not an uncommon stance for Social Conservatives, but for whatever reason, Cenk decided to rant and rave about it …

And he included Ben Shapiro for some bizarre reason.

Maybe Cenk missed it, but one of Ben’s greatest and biggest fans is Jenna Jameson, the retired adult film star who has turned her life around. But we get it, he’s trying to make some point about how they don’t practice what they preach but really it just comes across as skeezy and creepy.

And weird.

Oh that’s right, good times.

He seems to be doing something.

We’re not entirely sure what that something is supposed to be though.




Cenk responded:

Ummm … dude. Stop.

Aaaaand we’re done here.



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