Jack has chosen a few so-called academics to try and find a way for people to have ‘conversational health’ on Twitter … whatever the heck that means.

Anyone else find this a tad bit unnerving? You know, what Jack really should do is accept people are people, and they will tweet and talk about the things they want to tweet about talk about and Twitter’s best course of action is just to get out of the way and let people decide what they do and don’t want to see.

But being that Jack is a liberal, he likely believes he needs to save us from ourselves because we’re all too dumb to know what we should and shouldn’t talk about.

Oh boy.

Patrícia Rossini, PhD is one of the academics Jack selected to work on incivility:

Anyone who has to use so many BIG words to make their point has no idea how to help people communicate better.

Antinormative discourse? Wha?

Oh good, a bunch of women will be sitting around figuring out how to make us all get along better.

Holy crap.

From ischool.syr.edu:

“Political discussion online is often dismissed due to uncivil discourse, and because of that we are sometimes unable to understand its true value. Rather than lumping all problematic discourse into a single category, we distinguish between uncivil and intolerant statements. Incivility online might serve an important and valid purpose in discourse, while intolerance is, by its nature, threatening to democracy”, explains Patricia Rossini, CCDS postdoctoral researcher at the iSchool, whose work focuses on understanding such discourse online.

The team brings together scholars with different backgrounds and expertise, bridging political science, communication, and computer science to develop metrics and conduct experiments aimed at identifying potentially problematic behaviors on Twitter. Dirk Hovy, Associate Professor at Italy’s Bocconi University, an expert in computational sociolinguistics, notes the extraordinary opportunity afforded by this project: “I am extremely excited to be part of a such a unique collaboration between social and technical sciences on a project of this importance to society. Working across disciplines will enable unparalleled insights into healthy online conversations, and collaborating with Twitter means we can analyze authentic source data at an unprecedented scale.”

Different backgrounds? LOL. Right.

Peace and love, man.


Sounds like something that could be used to silence a lot of people she disagrees with, but we’re just spitballin’ here.

All. Day. That. ^


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