Joy Behar is a YUGE fan of Bernie Sanders.

She has been known to fangirl over the old socialist (we know, yuck), and has even gone so far as to promote his failed talking points about socialism in Denmark. THAT was hilarious …

Kevin Sorbo (aka HERCULES PEOPLE!) went OFF on The View “star” for living in a bubble:

From WND:

“Behar needs to move to all the countries she mentions here and jump in with the taxes they have to pay and see what socialism can do to her pocketbook [sic],” stated Kevin Sorbo on Facebook.

“She makes millions every year working so hard 3 hours a day to spout the ‘Joy’ of socialism, Marxism [sic] and communism. Look at what our government has done to public schools, post office, etc. She lives in such a bubble. She enjoys her wealth due to capitalism … not socialism.”

It’s easy to tell poor people socialism is rad when you’re rich, right?



They’re also being programmed to think socialism is cool and hip thanks to people like Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez.

Scary stuff.

Is she REALLY?!


Hey, we’ll even help Joy pack because we’re givers.


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