Poor Jim Acosta. Once again he got in trouble for being an annoying twit in the Oval Office, this time he was ‘yelled at’ instead of shooshed though.

And like clockwork, he was already whining about it on his own network. WATCH:

Dude, c’mon.

Grow up already.

Jeanine Pirro, who was recently thrown out of a building for disagreeing with Whoopi Goldberg, had zero sympathy for Jim.

Right?! MAN UP already!

From The Daily Caller:

White House staff singled out CNN’s Jim Acosta after he shouted questions at President Trump following a photo spray in the Oval Office.

Acosta shouted, “Mr. President, if there was no collusion, why does Rudy Giuliani consider there to be no crime in collusion?” “Make your way out,” a staffer yelled to all of the reporters packed in the room. The staffer then singled out Acosta, who is known for shouting questions at inappropriate times at the White House.  “Let’s go. Move, Jim, let’s go. Keep going, Jim. Let’s go. Jim, we’re leaving. Come on, Jim,” the side yelled.

If Jim wouldn’t act like a toddler who needs a nap during these things he’d STOP being the news himself.

You know, the guy who does more whining and complaining than he does reporting the news?

Works for CNN.

Decent hair.

Bad attitude.

Yikes, tough crowd, Jim.


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