As Twitchy readers know, Rep. Eric Swalwell lost his shiznit on Tucker Carlson earlier this week during a debate on his desire to confiscate guns. It was perhaps the most painful and hilarious segment we’ve seen on Tucker since Kurt Eichenwald’s historic meltdown.

NRATV’s Dan Bongino picked up where Tucker left off …

And like clockwork, Swalwell started tweeting about his agenda and in essence doubled DOWN on confiscating our guns.

Weapons of war.

WTF does that even mean? And leave it to a Dem to only want the cops armed.

These people.

Oh yeah, that. Swalwell tried REALLY HARD to pretend that Tucker hates cops, and now he’s trying that same tactic with Dan Bongino.

Dude, walk away. You’ve made a big enough as* of yourself already.

Dude is whack.

Chief. We like that.


THAT ONE OVER THERE DOES. Yeah, that one. That’s the ticket.


Swalwell will not win this one.

If he stopped pandering he’d have nothing else to do.


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