Long story short, the NFL really screwed up by allowing their players to ‘protest’ during working hours aka games, and their numbers have suffered for it. Now they’ve gone the opposite direction and are insisting players stand during the National Anthem.

As a private organization, this editor believes the NFL absolutely has the right to decide such things HOWEVER it will likely backfire and not have the results they were hoping for.

Ben Shapiro explained it very simply in this tweet-storm:


And Ben knows a LOT about college campuses banning people from speaking they disagree with.

Yes again.

The NFL is scrambling because their ratings were in the toilet last year.

We’re not entirely sure this is the best fix though.



That’s all they had to do.

Oh, and as usual, Ben tweeting about most anything brought out a good deal of DERP:




Double huh?

There is no pleasing a social justice warrior, and by the time a corporation figures out they screwed up with their sane customers it’s too late.

Like what’s happening with the NFL.


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