Admit it.

The moment the news broke that Trump had pulled out of the Saigon Summit you rushed over to the timelines of Tommy Vietor, Ben Rhodes, and Jon Favreau to see how quickly they could side with North Korea in all of this and pretend somehow that Kim Jong-un got the DROP on Trump.

Because that’s exactly what they did.

Tommy was better when he was driving the van.

And c’mon, fiasco? Three hostages released, the demolition of a nuclear testing site, the leaders of North and South Korea meeting?

That’s a fiasco.


Hey now, Tommy drove a van, he knows stuff.

Maybe if Trump had sent N. Korea billions of dollars and/or drawn some magical red line Tommy would be more impressed.


Ok, Ben.

You know that face you make when you’re not sure if the milk you just drank has gone bad or not?

Yup, we made that exact face.


Shhh, he’s rolling.

We got nothin’.

No. Full stop.

Trump milking jokes are just too much today.



We’re not the only ones who think these mean girls are just … well, mean.


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