Delta donated four planes to help Parkland kids get to DC for their march.

Which is fine and all – they are a private company and if they think this makes sense for their business in the long run that’s totally their prerogative.

That being said, we would refer them to Dick’s Sporting Goods …

David Hogg thanked them this morning as only he can, by being a spiteful, glory hound attacking innocent people for the shooting he didn’t even really witness at his high school.

If he had just left it at ‘thank you for donating the planes,’ fine.

But then to make digs at the NRA and remind their members that Delta crapped on them?

Probably not the best thing he could have done to help grow their airline, just sayin’.

We’re not holding our breath that this will happen anytime soon.


And what about the Santa Fe students who support gun rights? Where are their planes, Delta?

Whoohoo, let’s hear it for corporate gun-grabbers!


We see what you did there.

Someone posted this as a response to Hogg’s ‘thank you,’ and it’s an oldie but a goodie.

Sidenote, for some reason, Twitter had the tweet marked as sensitive material.

Gosh, wonder why?


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