Watching James Comey tweet about ‘facts’ is a little bit like seeing a teacher outside of school at the grocery store. You’re super uncomfortable seeing it in real life but you can’t help but peek into the cart to see what your teacher likes to eat for breakfast.

Or in this case what Comey thinks is an actual fact:

Confidential Human Sources sounds like a fancy word for SPY, James.

Is this sort of calling abortion a choice?

Or an illegal immigrant a ‘Dreamer’?

They’ve gone from claiming they didn’t spy, to claiming that it was for Trump’s own good, to now playing the word game when it comes to calling a spy a spy.

You know when the Left starts spinning like THIS they’re in some seriously deep ca-ca.

There is so much about his tweet that annoys us that we’re not entirely sure where to start.

Then again, there is so much about James Comey that annoys us in general that we were up the creek from the get-go.

Hilarious ain’t it?

And not hilarious ‘ha ha.’

Ahem, you mean he used a Confidential Human Source.

Get it right, pal.

Probably a little bit of both.


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