Jim Acosta seems upset that the White House is scheduling daily briefings on their own terms. You’d think by now Acosta would have figured out the Trump administration doesn’t care about what he wants and honestly the more he complains the more they seem to poke him with a stick.

Which is entertaining for us all.

Take for example this little nugget of whining:

Sad Acosta is SAD.

He’s like the kid in class who has chewing gum but didn’t bring enough for everyone.

Sadly, far too many people feed Acosta’s whining … check out the DERP on this thread:

It’s like they never watched Earnest during a presser.

Gaslighting must be the word of the day for the small-minded.

Right? All of this economic growth, lower taxes, and higher employment not to mention dominance over ISIS and diplomacy wins with North Korea are such bummers. We definitely should want to go back to the days of Obama’s disastrous presidency.

These people.

It’s funny right? Watching the Left complain about propaganda?

She should open her mouth a little wider when she speaks.

We’ve never been a Democracy … you know what, forget it.

Can’t. Even.


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