We’re not entirely sure why Andy Lassner, the Executive Producer for the Ellen Show, thought it was a good idea to pick a fight with Trump supporters … maybe he was bored and looking for attention?

If that was the case, he sure as heck got it.

Oooh, he cursed even. So edgy.

We doubt even cake could keep this guy from hating.

And that’s when you KNOW it’s bad.

Yes, keep telling the people who voted for Trump (you know, when he won) that they can’t do anything because that will work out SO WELL for the midterms and then ultimately in 2020.

Nothing inspires MAGA like being told they can’t do something.

Well, that and red baseball caps.

Whether or not you agree that they elected the greatest president of their lifetimes they did actually get something done.

We like putting it this way far better.




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