This sounds ominous from Sharyl Attkisson, but only if you’re a member of the Obama administration.

Whatever could this mean?


Based on the context of the emails, the “sensitive matter” appears to be the Trump-Russia narrative, and political opposition research funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The research— known as the “Steele dossier”— was peddled to the press and secretly used, in part, to justify controversial FBI wiretaps against at least one Trump associate.

Ruh-roh Raggy.

A day later, Jan. 8, FBI Deputy Director McCabe emailed Comey and Rybicki with the subject title: “Flood is coming.”

“CNN is close to going forward with the sensitive story,” McCabe wrote. “The trigger for them is they know the material was discussed in the [presidential] brief and presented in an attachment.”

Also included on that email were FBI associate deputy director David Bowdich and FBI assistant director for public affairs Michael Kortan. (Bowdich was recently appointed FBI Deputy Director. Kortan retired in February and had also served as an aide to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who’s investigating alleged Trump-Russia collusion.)

Within an hour of the “Flood is coming” email, McCabe emailed then-Deputy General Sally Yates and her top aide, Principal Deputy Attorney General Matthew Axelrod, with the subject title “News.” (Yates has since been fired and Axelrod resigned.)

Clapper reportedly told Congress he never discussed the Steele dossier or any other intelligence related to Russia election interference with journalists. However, Clapper subsequently reportedly acknowledged discussing the dossier with CNN journalist Jake Tapper, and admitted that he might have spoken with other journalists about it.”

Get your popcorn folks.

The flood IS coming.

There are lots of things they should have done differently if they really were trying to ‘protect our country.’

Pardon us though if we’re having a hard time believing THAT was what they were really trying to do.

Fair point, it does seem like nothing sticks to Obama or Hillary.

But maybe there’s hope …

Stay tuned.


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