Michael Avenatti has a press problem.

Now, he’ll insist it’s the press who has a problem with HIM, but they’re not the ones threatening to sue him and then blocking him when they cover his crappy tweets and behavior IN the media.

Guess when you’re dealing with an ambulance-chasing porn lawyer you really shouldn’t expect all that much in the first place.


Talk about a First Amendment warrior … heh.

Oh geez. Sure Michael, play the victim on Twitter, it works out so well for you.

  1. Nope
  2. Yup and BOOYAH

We get that Michael is posturing for the Left who sees him and his client as some sort of folk heroes who might take the evil tyrant Trump down for having consensual sex with her before he was president but c’mon man.

Have a little dignity.

HA HA HA, ok, that was hard to even write. Michael and dignity … THAT is hilarious.

Uh oh, someone seems fussy. Careful Ryan, he’ll threaten to sue you.


Funny isn’t it? The number of people who complain about Trump’s behavior who in turn behave in the same way?


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