You know the Left is getting desperate about their gun-grabbing when they start dropping ‘magical’ STATS taken out of context into melodramatic tweets in order to create and support their false narrative about gun violence.

Dianne Feinstein tried so hard too … and it might have actually worked if she hadn’t done percentages for every STAT BUT the number of school shootings. We imagine if she actually does the math she’ll find there is far more violence against schools in other countries.

But hey, she’s trying to horrify us so whatevs.

When they start babbling about ‘commonsense gun control’ you know they really don’t have an actual point to make.

Shh, she’s rolling.

At this rate, she might as well have said something about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor.

We love this gif.


Because better securing the schools would likely protect our children, and they really need to keep this gun-control narrative alive, at least through the midterms.

Fair point. If the numbers of guns in this country is SO massive you’d think we’d have an even bigger problem with gun violence. Wonder if Dianne realizes she accidentally made the case that the MAJORITY of gun owners are non-violent, law-abiding citizens who have their weapons as a means of defense.


And curtain.


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