Representative Swalwell went on with Tucker Carlson last night to discuss banning assault weapons and apparently buying them back.

And after watching this interview, we can’t stop laughing.

WATCH (it gets really good around the four-minute mark):

He looks like he is ready to throw up at any moment the entire time he’s being interviewed. And OMG the moment Carlson starts asking about the details behind his plan to confiscate guns Swalwell starts babbling about how people who want to keep their guns don’t care about the children getting shot, that he doesn’t have bodyguards, that cops shouldn’t be out-gunned …

In fact, he gets so freaked out during the interview he starts ROCKING.




He also accuses Tucker of hating on cops, and did you notice how he kept saying his dad was a cop? The only thing that might have made this funnier is if his dad had been a mailman.


Law-abiding Americans won’t mind leaving their guns a gun clubs.


Oh, our sides.

It was pretty bad.

You almost feel sorry for Swalwell and California.

Ok, that’s not true.

Man, we haven’t seen a meltdown on Tucker like this since Eichenwald.


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