Kurt Eichenwald has been subtweeting and trolling Tucker Carlson while passive-aggressively attempting to get his followers (we know, we can’t believe people follow him either) to go after Carlson’s advertisers. We can only assume Eichenwald is still upset over the seriously embarrassing interview he had on Tucker’s show over a year ago; guess when you’ve been humiliated THAT much it sticks with you.

Take a look at these tweets:

Maybe Kurt is fussy because he can’t find enough tentacles online.


And then he suggests his followers contact Carlson’s advertisers by saying he’s not suggesting they do that.

Pretty damn sideways, Kurt.

But wait, it gets dumber.

Is Kurt really claiming that being on Carlson’s show led to an attempt on his life?

You guys know what he’s talking about right? That ‘kid’ who sent him a flashing animated gif that he claims gave him a seizure … he sued the kid over it.

No, we’re not making any of this up.

It’s worth a Google.

It’s all a conspiracy!


He was on a roll.

Oh, and in case you can’t remember how badly Kurt did on Tucker Carlson’s show, here’s the video.

It’s hilarious.

No wonder he’s still triggered, ha!