Sarah Sanders tweeted about how historic it was that Gina Haspel will serve as the first female CIA director EVER, which when you think about it is a really big deal. For all of this talk about women’s empowerment, you’d think feminists would support any woman in a position of authority as evidence of breaking that glass ceiling.

But considering Gina has been appointed by EVIL TRUMP, the Left isn’t exactly rejoicing in his historic appointment. Especially not Ted Lieu, who seems to take issue with any and everything Trump-related:

Ted. Shhh.

Dems love to pretend they are the party of women, but every time a woman who disagrees with them politically succeeds at anything, they are front and center to dehumanize and tear her down. And this ‘torture’ narrative to somehow discredit Gina as some monster is ridiculous.

She. Did. Her. Job.

This is not difficult.

Quiet you, it’s different when they do it.

But torture! Trump! Eleventy!

He certainly tried.

And failed.

Per usual.


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