We read a lot of negative and angry things on Twitter … such is the world of social media.

But every once in awhile we come across a positive thread that must be shared with the maniacs who read us.

Like this from a young man you’ve likely never heard of named Jauan D. Knight.




The thread itself shows why Jauan has indeed been as successful as he has been; this level of humility and modesty is missing with so many young adults.

We know, we sound like the old lady yelling at kids to get off her lawn, but it’s true.

This is so good.

Pay attention here, because the person asking Jauan about his tweet isn’t being nasty or confrontational.

Again, a rarity on Twitter.

How can you NOT just adore this?

No hate, just debate.

Pay attention, Twitter.

It was indeed.

So did we!

This helped so many far more than Jauan will ever really know.

Well done.


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