Yesterday, this Twitchy editor wrote a piece about Alyssa Milano (we know, you’re shocked) and how she was using the death of a young black woman to push her latest gun control shrieking. She was claiming that black and indigenous women are among the most killed in domestic abuse and that the NRA doesn’t care if guns are in the hands of abusers.

It was a lot of bunk, and an easy Twitchy cover.

That being said, Dana Loesch shared the article (thank you Dana, we love you!) and Alyssa got all sorts of pissed off at us over it.

It was a lot of ouch.

We love that Dana used us to ‘defend’ herself against the insane rantings of a Hollywood has-been who insists we take her seriously about gun control.

And please, we’d be more than happy to debate NoRA any day of the week on gun control or any other issue if that’s Alyssa’s ‘reliable’ source.




Ironically if she doesn’t like us covering her the last thing she should do is complain about us. She should ask Ron Perlman how his accusations about us being Russian plants went …

Or at least the failed social media system.

THAT’S pretty much what all of the gun grabbers do; they learned it from Shannon Watts.


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