Analysis: If your hatred of the sitting president causes you to write a bunch of tripe defending killers who have literally beheaded innocent people it might be time for an intervention.

Looking at YOU, WaPo.

Seriously with this?

A smear campaign.

Holy sh*t, dude.

From the Washington Post:

The term “killing fields” evokes the murders committed by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the late 1970s. During a five-year period, nearly 1.4 million people were killed as part of a genocide. A photojournalist for the New York Times described that ongoing massacre using the evocative two-word phrase.

By contrast, there were 37 homicides in all of Nassau and Suffolk counties in 2017 — the entirety of Long Island east of New York City. That total was down from 59 the year before. The counties are home to 2.8 million people.

What’s more, one speaker during the roundtable noted that there had been 235 arrests of MS-13 beginning in late 2016 — and that there hadn’t been a murder linked to MS-13 in the county since April 2017.

When Trump was on Long Island in July, he linked MS-13’s crimes to the “more than 150,000 unaccompanied alien minors” who “arrived at the border and were released all throughout our country into United States’ communities” under President Barack Obama. A report from the anti-immigration Center for Immigration Studies released in February, though, tallied 560 MS-13 members who had been charged with crimes since 2012 — all but about 35 of whom weren’t minors.

So what, this somehow makes these animals less horrible?

We’re trying to understand WTF point Philip Bump is trying to make but you know … this is just really gross.

At this rate, Trump will be president forever.


So far the Left has cheered North Korea (until Trump made leeway there), felt sorry for Hamas, and is now defending MS-13. All while keeping up their typical narrative of raising taxes, killing unborn babies, and pushing illegal immigrants over American citizens.



What he said.


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