Since Trump pulled out of the Singapore Summit, the Left has been front and center pretending that somehow North Korea got the better of the United States. Imagine being so small-minded and petty that your first inclination with news of this sort is to go out and make crappy jokes about the president.

But then again, it’s people like Nancy Pelosi that we’re talking about here.

Nancy, it’s the Botox, isn’t it?

She’s seriously turning into that mean old lady people suspect of having some sort of painting in her attic that is slowly aging in her place.

You have to wonder if Nancy realized the joke was on her here:

Note: Steve Deace is a well-known Never Trumper so for HIM to point out that America came out ahead here with North Korea is a serious slam on the lizard woman.

Whichever side Trump isn’t, even if that means siding with a guy who had his uncle eaten alive by wild dogs.

Whoohoo, let’s hear it for the Democrats!




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