Someone might want to check in on Shannon Watts today and see how she’s feeling because we all know she likely just imploded reading this tweet while stalking Dana Loesch’s timeline behind a block …


NRA really should send David Hogg and the gang a ‘thank you’ note for helping boost their attendance this year.

Oh, and they should probably send cookies to Alyssa Milano for drawing in DOZENS of protesters for the event.

Dozens, that kills us.

Nearly 90k gun-owners/supporters in one place and gosh, golly, gee, no shootings.

Ya’ know, for guns being so dangerous and all, magically getting up and shooting by themselves, this is shocking, yeah?

Who’da thunk it?

Nope, just a lot of people who appreciate firearms and the Second Amendment.

Not even a drop of glitter glue.

Because we all know it’s not legal gun owners we have to worry about.



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