For women supposedly being so independent and empowered these days, they sure do whine a lot about nothing.

From USNews:

A male political theory professor said Friday he won’t apologize to a female gender studies professor for a joke about “ladies’ lingerie” he made while both were riding in a crowded elevator. The public spat comes amid heightened sensitivity to sexual misconduct propelled by the #MeToo movement.

Professor Ned Lebow, who teaches political theory at King’s College London, told The Associated Press that he has refused to apologize because he did nothing wrong and because a complaint filed by Professor Simona Sharoni against him with the International Studies Association is “frivolous.”

Sharoni, a professor of women’s and gender studies at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, said in a complaint she filed last month that she was standing near the elevator at a San Francisco hotel and she offered to press the elevator buttons when Lebow “said with a smile on his face, ‘women’s lingerie’ and all his buddies laughed.”

It was a joke … OMG WHO CARES?!

A survivor.


It is a lame joke, hence the ‘dad’ joke descriptor.

But it’s certainly not sexual harassment.

Humorless scold works perfectly here.

If he had asked for ‘Menswear’ they would have called him sexist as well.

Let’s be honest, some women are just looking for any excuse to make men PAY.

Like Sharoni.


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