It’s almost as if the only way CNN can get people to pay attention to them is by trolling with really stupid pieces … like this one.

Because you know, only men kill people.

From CNN:

Patriarchy is a social system that defines men as being inherently violent, dominant and controlling while rewarding them with power for being that way. It is no secret, especially these days, that we live in a patriarchal society. Why are we continually surprised when a man takes up arms and commits mass murder?

Cartoons, video games and contemporary politicians exalt male violence. This glorification echoes in our sports and movies. When the right person is performing it or it’s being performed for the “right reasons” (think police officers or members of the military), people even call male violence heroic. So why wouldn’t angry, entitled men seek to rectify their qualms with the world through unimaginable carnage? Every social cue they’ve received since childhood declared violence their birthright, it’s what makes them real men.



Yeah, that could work here.


It’s seriously like the media and the Left wants all men neutered.


We need men to be MEN.

We need more fathers in this country, not less of them.

What a ri-damn-diculous piece, CNN.

Damn right.

Ding ding ding.


Well, Trump didn’t tweet over the weekend so really CNN had nothing else to do but write this crap.

We were thinking more like Salon, but this works too.

‘Nuff said.


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