Live Pavlov’s Dogs, Brian Stelter seems distressed and confused about when he and others in the media might get to ‘eat’ since Trump didn’t tweet, aka ring his little bell, this weekend so they could come running for chow.

Whatever will they talk about in the news today if they can’t complain about something Trump tweeted?

Won’t someone PLEASE think about the media for a change?!

Just sayin’: Brian tweeting about the president not tweeting is SO CNN.

Poor lil fella.

He needs something to complain about.


Imagine writing an article about a guy tweeting about the president not tweeting.


Real news?! What is this real news of which you speak?

These folks wouldn’t understand how to report actual news if it fell out of the sky, landed on their faces and started to wiggle.

Shew, right?!

Hrm, where have we seen this before?

Trump could pass gas quietly and privately in his own bedroom and the media would find a way to be outraged by it.



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