A little over a week ago today, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner had spectacularly flopped with Michelle Wolf attacking basically everyone but especially Sarah Sanders, making ugly comments about her appearance.

Which proves once again the Left only supports women who politically agree with them.

Sarah Sanders called this out while tweeting about Gina Haspel.

Gosh, for being such a huge sexist, Trump sure does seem to support putting a good many women in powerful positions.

This reads like a State Farm commercial …

‘She sounds hideous.’

‘Well, she’s a Democrat.’


This tweet triggered TF out of Rosie:

Then again, what doesn’t?

Look at the rest of the stupid on this thread, which only proves her point about Dems being giant hypocrites about women true:

Boy, the Left sure doesn’t like getting called out on their own sexist hypocrisy, now do they?

So you know what that means.

Keep calling them out.


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