Gun control harpies say a lot of stupid things, but one of the stupidest has to be when they pretend the Founders wrote the Second Amendment about hunting. Apparently, George and the others were hanging out one day and decided to protect our inherent right to hunt Bambi.

No seriously, they believe this.

Forget that our country had just fought for their freedom against a giant and overreaching authoritarian government …

It’s painful, no?

Killing deer serves no purpose.

Alrighty then.

Because God is GOOD, Dana.

This poor slob had an interesting day after posting this on Twitter, and as we all know, an interesting day on Twitter is never a good thing.


Narrator: It did not.


Ok, so it’s childish but FUNNY.

And they did.

Wow, and we thought Alyssa’s timeline was a train wreck.



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