For some reason, Alyssa Milano took it upon herself to take part in a ‘protest’ of the NRA by the ‘No NRA or NoRA’ group at this year’s NRA Convention site, and it didn’t go so hot. Between a shockingly small turnout (some shots look to show a few dozen people, others show maybe 100, half of whom were journalists) and a good deal of missteps like Alyssa bringing armed security to the event, this group protest was a serious dumpster fire.

Interestingly enough, Dana offered to meet with Alyssa off camera …

But it didn’t seem like the ‘Who’s the Boss’ actress was all that hip to the idea.

She did post this dramatic selfie later in the day …

And yeah, this went about as well as bringing a bunch of armed guards to a gun protest.


We ALMOST started to feel sorry for her at this point but then she shared this ridiculous tweetstorm.

Yes, Liberals want to take all of our guns away. We know.

This is like saying you have some black friends to prove you’re not a racist. But whatevs.


She’s adorbs.

Here we go.


Founders didn’t recognize bearing arms as an inherent right so we could hunt. THIS is why she makes us nuts, folks.

The largest mass shooting ever at a school was done with a handgun.

There is no appeasing people who want to strip rights away from their fellow Americans.

Full stop.

Sadly, people are tired of getting lectured and you on the Left don’t seem to get it.



Voting who out? The millions of Americans who own firearms and support the Second?

Good luck with that.

Which is why many of us are armed, yes.

What a load.


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