Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

When people first started talking about this ‘affliction’ in 2017 this editor thought it was just a clever way of saying the Left had lost what little minds they had left but nope, it has to be real. No one can be this absolutely wrong about EVERYTHING without having a very real condition.

Of course, they could just be irretrievably stupid … hard to say.

Take for example this scattered back-and-forth between Liberal author Patrick S. Tomlinson and anyone he hasn’t blocked yet on Twitter (he blocks, a LOT) about Hillary and the Electoral College:



We’re going to call BS here.

Lots and LOTS of BS.

It’s a matter of national security, duh. *eye roll*

He’s ‘quite sure.’


Twitter verifies some of the derpiest people.

This is most people on the Left, let’s not pretend Tomlinson is all that unique.

It does.

A. We’re not a Democracy

B. No, we elected Trump

Which you know really burns Hillary’s biscuits.

Oh dude, no.

Popular vote means jack and squat.

Sorry, not sorry, we don’t want California electing the president.


Holy Hell this guy is denser than Osmium, which WAS the densest material found on Earth until he started tweeting.

It’s worth a Google.

The Electoral College did EXACTLY what it was designed to do, protect the minority from the majority, ensuring that someone who votes in Wyoming has as much say in the president as say some idiot in California does.

We didn’t expect him to understand a football metaphor but it was a valiant effort.

Wonder if Tomlinson has figured out yet that acting like a giant douche rocket will only re-elect Trump in 2020.

Nobody tell him.


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