Don’t worry folks, Alyssa Milano, and other gun-control harpies don’t want to take our guns.


They just want to ‘refine’ the 22,000 or so gun laws already on the books.


Tell us another one, SamanDUH.

If you’ve been reading Twitchy over the past three days (whoohoo, gold star!) you know we’ve been covering the train wreck of Alyssa’s NRA protest from claiming her security wasn’t armed, to a selfie with a booger in her nose … it was not great.

And to follow it up with this?


She would get a lot further is she would just be honest. True story.

Ten’s of thousands of laws but fair.

But CNN says we should blame the patriarchy … no, we’re not making that up. Dude, see for yourself.

Easy to pretend guns aren’t important when you never have to really worry about your or your family’s personal safety. Hey, if she wants to guarantee every American that same level of security she can talk about ‘refining gun laws’ all she wants, but until then she can drink a big ol’ glass of shut-up juice.


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