Yesterday Twitchy reported that Kyle Kashuv had been called out of class because a tweet he had posted of himself with his dad at the gun range from the weekend supposedly upset his classmates. Kashuv was all but interrogated by a school resource officer, a security officer, and even an officer from Broward County about the tweet; imagine if they had cared this much about the actual shooter.

They kept calling him the ‘Second Amendment Kid.’

Welp, Dana shared this story with a very brief comment:

Just wow indeed.

She followed up:

‘Nuff said.

Or was it?

You’ve gotta wonder what sort of low-life thinks it’s ok to call a kid a terrorist on Twitter.



Dude, walk away.

Using this tweet JUST for the gif.

Vince seems angry and hysterical.

Perhaps he should be on a watch list too.


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