If we had a nickel for every time Shannon Watts tweeted something that reminded us all that no matter what happens she’ll never get that stick out of her arse we’d have at least enough nickels to buy an AR-15 or two.

Yeah yeah, we knew Shannon would be front and center shaking her Bloomberg-sponsored fist at Jay Feely for sharing a hilarious photo of himself with his daughter and her prom date that played into the old joke of a dad with a gun but c’mon …

You know she’s super fun at birthday parties, right?

Shannon doesn’t have a sense of humor. In other news, water is still wet.

Psh. Clearly, Shannon is more concerned about the weapon involved than she is about WHY there is a weapon involved.

Even when it’s an obvious joke that’s been around since the dawn of dad jokes.

The rest of the thread is filled with Watts’ minions, not because most people agree with her but because she blocks anyone who doesn’t.

We saw Ammo Whankers open for Nirvana in 95.


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