Every day the media feels more and more like we’re actually watching some sort of warped reality TV show where they’re more concerned with entertaining the audience than they are actually covering the news.

Take for example:

Anyone else remember a time when we’d watch the news to see who would freak out next?

When this editor was younger the news was BORING but now it’s like primetime television.

And bear with us as we adjust our tinfoil hats and entertain Oliver Willis’ take on what’s going on with the media:

Oliver watches wrestling, who knew?


Certainly feels like one giant circle of constant outrage.


All of this being said, it’s not like the media just started behaving this way though. When they weren’t acting as the official PR arm for Obama they were duking it out with Fox News … same pattern. Let’s not pretend Trump is the first president to work the media.


We’re more shocked when they report actual news.

Be honest, Oliver, you read Twitchy.


Not an untrue or unfair point.

Color us shocked.


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