As Twitchy readers already know, Philippe Reines was hard at work on the day of Barbara Bush’s funeral writing an ugly, sexist and grossly disrespectful tweet about Melania Trump who attended the funeral.

It’s no surprise this guy worked for and with Hillary Clinton, right? Such a sweetie.

And Hillary still can’t figure out why she lost …

Again, as you read these tweets keep in mind that Hillary thought enough of this guy to work with him.

Says the troll.

This is where it gets weird.

Philippe started posting a YouTube clip of Melania over and over and over again …

But wait, there’s more!

Then he attacked some account with no picture and three followers:

But the real kicker, the real ‘story’ that tells us everything we need to know about Philippe came from Amy Chozick’s reporting on the Clinton campaign:

What a massive creep.

If the creep fits.


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