Usually, when we cover Sean Spicier we have to wait a bit for him to post the screenshots of idiots who fall for his tweets, but today the tweet he sent about 420 and #NationalSchoolWalkout freaked SO MANY people out that we were able to grab actual tweets.

This is a first … LOL.

People lost their freakin’ minds because of this simple tweet.

They lost it.

Why would anyone think Columbine is funny? Now, watching some guy named Ryan get all worked up over a tweet is funny but we digress.

Telling a parody account to grow up.

This never gets old.

Oh the irony.

Such a poor choice of accounts.

These people.

Sure, the parody account is the dumb one.

Just. Look. For. The. Blue. Check.

We sorta like his screenshots with commentary better but the idea that we actually caught some of these yahoos ourselves makes us very happy as well.



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