David Frum thinks conservatives have an alternative information system.

Which we think is just a flowery way to say ‘bubble.’

Ironically Frum writes for The Atlantic …

You know, the same publication who hired and then fired Kevin Williamson a couple of weeks ago because of the social media mob?

From The Atlantic (sorry!):

Which has created this problem for Trump and his political allies. Twice now their closed knowledge system has told them that secret memos would vindicate Trump of the Russia-collusion charge. The first time, it was the memo written by the Republican staff of the House Intelligence Committee; the second time—just these past few days—the notes James Comey wrote to memorialize his post-inauguration meetings with Trump. The inhabitants of the closed conservative knowledge system demanded the memos be released—only to suffer a shock when they got their wish. Nobody outside the closed knowledge system was even slightly impressed by either, and even inside the system the supposed secret weapon was quietly discarded as worthless.

‘Their closed system,’ he writes unironically from behind his alternative information shield at The Atlantic.


Apparently, they’re only a problem when it’s the right we’re talking about.



But now the real question is … WHO FUNDS THE FEDERALIST!?

Just kidding.


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